Our Focused Training Philosophy: Dog Psychology

"Why is my dog acting this way?" 

It may be that your dog had to fight for what he needed to be healthy and strong as a pup.  It may be his breed.  It may be his personality. It may be that he lacks confidence. It may be that his parents were timid or aggressive. Most likely, it comes from a combination of factors. But in any case, the good news is that our program addresses all of these potential contributors.

The key to our program is rehabilitation.  We don't focus on the "whys", we focus on health and balance; creating a dog with a new perspective on life that includes self-control.  With our conditioning, a dog learns to stay calm and when there is a stimulus in the environment, to remain calm and to look to us for guidance.  Just as it is with a child, it takes lots of practice and lots of conditioning and rehabilitation.  We have to expect that dogs will make mistakes. But when that happens, we firmly address this behavior and make sure he understands the appropriate response, over and over and over again.  The dogs in our pack are also instrumental to rehabilitation.  The effect of being in a group of role models really cannot be underestimated.  They are an integral part of our training team.  

In short, we provide the environment, the guidance, the correction, the support, the tools, and the affection, for every dog to come to a place of complete understanding and submission.

Focused Training & Rehabilitation - Dawgy Boot Camp

Focused training is a 2-3 week residential training program.  You provide a complete list of negative behaviors you would like your dog to discontinue and positive behaviors you would like him to learn.  We discuss them and agree upon the goals.  Our program is comprehensive. We rehabilitate your dog and then we train you.  

Once a dog stays with us for focused training/rehabilitation, we then train all family members to continue the behaviors at home. We are available for the life of the dog for free advice.  You can also choose to bring your dog back for "refresher sessions" via daycare and/or boarding. We are thrilled to partner with you for the life of your dog to support you through any negative behaviors that may develop.

Typically, this process takes about 14-21 days.  The fee depends upon the goals, but the range is $100-$120 per day.  Remember, this is an investment in your entire family's quality of life for the next 10-15 years.

If you would like to come visit and discuss your dog's needs with us, please feel free to click on the Consultation link which can be found on the left side of this page.

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